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Are you pondering what I'm pondering...?
The Journal of a slightly depraved Mef
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I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with one of my new co-workers. We were having the tentative getting-to-know-each-other talk over folding some of the leftover newspapers into envelopes for subscribers, when the inevitable subject of studying came up.

Co-worker F: *wistfully* And I really wish I hadn't taken History at Uni. I went to a good Uni too, but nobody wants to hire me for a proper job without further training and I still haven't really decided what I want to do.
Ro: *getting slightly wild eyed and clamping her hands over her ears* Why are you telling me this? I'm not listening to you. All I can hear is 'la la la la la-'
Co-worker F: I've stopped talking about it.
Ro: '-la la la la la la la la'

I'm enjoying the job on the whole though. It's nice being able to use my brain and write about interesting things. (Oh, writing! Longwinded overly-formal essay type language! Semicolons! The word 'indeed'! How I have missed you!)

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icon illucian, picture skye_ds
I failed my driving test again. That makes three. I think it is time that I accepted the possibility that I am on my way to holding the record for the highest number of failed driving tests, in the whole history of driving tests. I will have to get a new bicycle, and whenever I go out in public, small children will point and their mothers will hold them back and say, "Why yes dear, that is the Girl Who Can't Drive. Don't go too close now, or you may be cursed too." I will end up wearing large, face obscuring items of clothing to protect my privacy and will eventually die of vitamin D deficiency from not getting enough sunlight.

*mutters nasty things about parallel parking*

In an attempt to cheer me up, my dad has been trying to teach me how to improve my egg scrambling technique, Jedi style. This meant several sessions of my dad saying things like, "You must let the pan do the cooking my child. Use the pan. Become one with the pan", whilst I turned into the five-year-old I always turn into when confronted with cooking appliances and mysterious substances which you can mix together to make food, and decided to try to perfect my pancake tossing technique at the same time.

It did not end well.

This is all okay now however, since my France dates are sorted. I'll be leaving around early-mid April, which is later than I'd hoped, but is better than nothing. In the meantime, I'm volunteering for part of the week at a small newspaper, and spending the rest of my time trying to teach myself French. Seeing as I haven't actually studied it for three years, and I wasn't that good at it when I left off, I don't think I'm doing too badly.

jade_sabre_301 chose seven excuses for me to ramble on about myself for a bit. Comment, and if I'll pick seven interests for you to ramble on about too. :)

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I've been meaning to ask - do any of you belong to Goodreads? Because I'm really running short of books here, my to-read list is shrinking at an alarming rate. It's not good.
icon illucian, picture skye_ds
I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't a slightly disturbing common theme when it comes to law firms. Besides the usual grumbling about clients and joking about money, I mean. I say law firms because the newspaper office I worked at never had this problem. The accountancy firm was prone to internal politics of the sort that would take a series of qualified diplomats several weeks to untangle, but nothing quite like this. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I got a call from someone at a magistrates court.

Magistrates Court Person: I'd like to speak to a Mr. Beefy Balls please.
Ro: ...That's the most unusual sales pitch for your type of product I've had on the phone all week.
MCP: (*haughtily*) I'm sure I've no idea what you mean. All the legal aid forms that came through by fax overnight from your firm were signed with your company's name and the email address of a Mr. Beefy Balls underneath. I can't really present them to the judge.
Ro: (*feeling a little puzzled*) But if you fax that over I can probably -
MCP: I'm afraid I really do need to speak to whoever signed these papers in the first place
Ro: ...
MCP: ...
Ro: There is no Mr. Beefy Balls, is there?
Eavesdropping Colleague: Ahem. Actually, you can put whoever it is through to me.
Ro: ...
Eavesdropping Colleague: Don't judge me.

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by ase
I'm not sure how open I've been about my gap year, but it's been a pretty good year so far. I've had nasty bosses and funny colleagues and I've helped to interview petty criminals, (and worked on minor things for the cases of not-so-petty criminals). I think the thing that I'm gladdest about is the dozens of new people I've met - whether I've liked them or not, knowing most of them has been an education in itself. I think I've managed to grow up a bit. Hopefully there's more of that still to come, especially as I am now officially making travel plans! This is fun, and a little nerve-wracking, because I've never been abroad alone in a country where I don't speak the language fluently before. It's just a shame that it took me until today to learn something particularly crucial - that employers are trying to pay you as little as possible for you to do as much work as possible. And it had to be pointed out to me by a friend (who will be hereafter known as Pierced Blonde) when I started whinging about not having enough money for said travel plans...

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A fun little meme to finish on. Who comments the most on this journal?

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*Gives Demus some marmalade and Arthur Dent, Em some cookies and Checkers a naughty librarian badge, a monk malone outfit a big hug.*

*Glances pointedly at the 'post a comment' button for everyone else*
14th-Jan-2008 12:11 am - In which new Sci-fi is discovered...
icon illucian, picture skye_ds
Shevak is a brilliant scientist from Anarres, one of two twin planets, of which the other is Urras. Urras is a beautiful and rich planet which is dominated by a ruling class. No one really seems to lack for food, or housing, or any basic necessities, though a small group of people certainly live at a higher standard - and by a different set of rules. Anarres was inhabited by a group of anarchists from Urras, followers of the philsophy of Odo, a group which has flourished into a large, and very different society, but one which is utterly isolated from the universe, by its shared philosophy and a wall which it has built around its only site of interplanatery travel. Everyone is looking to Shevak for a radical new scientific breakthrough which could change everything - for whichever nation manages to get its hands on it first. The book begins with Shevak avoiding an angry mob and becoming the first person to leave Anarres for Urras since the settlers came, hoping to begin to unite people, only to find himself being used in a wider political game.

I'm talking, (as most of you probably know), about 'The Dispossessed', by Ursula Le GuinCollapse )
by ase
So, I was at work today, doing my usual thing of answering the phone/writing letters. Except that today I was expecting an important message, so my mobile was skulking on a shelf under my desk and hoping that no one would spot it. My mum sent me ten texts in a row, each containing a few words and each steadily increasing my exasparation level until the last one, which told me to call her. Which I did. And that's when she told me I'd gotten into Oxford.

(Are you guys seeing a trend in my rising obnoxious levels? I am, and duly apologise, and I'd help it if I could, but I can't.)

I did a weird little hysterical laugh thing, followed by a bit of high pitched squealing and a bemused fellow-receptionist.

So that's my exciting, obnoxious, and slightly scary news. I'll be over here hoping they don't call me tomorrow to tell me it's all been a terrible mistake and wondering how on earth I'll manage an essay a week next year.

(Also, John and Hank Green's v-log is made of awesome.)
icon illucian, picture skye_ds
I met Philip Pullman!

I know that some of you aren't too fond of him, but I figured that you'd all be interested regardless. He was surprisingly...human.

I ran into the signing, (very, very late), with a friend, and stood at the back of a crowd of other people who tried, (and mostly failed), to ask him witty questions. Yes, he said in reply to one question about the oh-so-subtle hints of Milton and Blake that the questioner had picked up on, that had been intentional. I was late, as I said, so I only got to hear the last couple of minutes with the dregs of what had been, (I'm told), a fairly large crowd.

A couple of minutes after I stumbled in, a ten year old girl arrived, who was beckoned smilingly to the front of the crowd by someone standing behind PP. I, (being awesomely sneaky), got to the front by barging through right behind the kid. Which was nice, since it meant I could hear a bit more. I discovered, in those few minutes of scintillating conversation, (during which a lady from a PP fanclub in Australia also arrived), that:

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I apologise in advance for this post. It's wrong of me to make my first post in a while full of whinging, but I need somewhere to dump this, (before I explode at an innocent bystander), and you, dear livejournal, have been chosen. Feel special.

I love talking religion and politics with strangers, but prefer not to with friends, since (in my experience, anyway), it can ruin what would otherwise have been a perfectly good relationship. Which makes it even worse that I'm dumping this on you, f-list. To spare you, I'll stick it all under a cut; feel free to skim past.

So I'm sure you've all seen the news from Sudan by now...Collapse )

The next post will be a happy one, filled with sunshine and books.

Edit: To say thank you guys for all being awesome. I skip town on Tuesday afternoon and won't be back 'til Friday evening at the earliest, and I don't know how good my internet access will be over the next few days, so I probably won't answer any emails/be around most of the time. That's all. :)
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